Monday, August 23, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friday, May 28th


5.5 hours on the bike.  Did the Rev3 loop from my house.
30 minute run after the ride.
swam with the kids at southern.  it was 1.5 hours and something like 5.5k

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday, May 27th

Was going to ride 3 hours with 1 hour TT effort, but I fell asleep for 3 hours.  I guess I needed it?

1.5 hours and 6000yds!  I swam with the SONOCO club team out of SCSU and will go back tomorrow!
Did not do too bad for an old guy.

Wednesday, May 26th

3000 (1 hour)
1000 free
1000 pull w/paddles
1000 kick swim with fins.
yea it took me an hour to do this

1:15 run up the hill in West Rock.  Felt better the 2nd half.  Really Hot! 90+ degrees.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 25th


3 hours on the TT bike.  3 x 20 minutes at TT race pace. 
#1 283 watts
#2 274 watts
#3 279 watts
Not as high as I thought it would be.  First time with the Quarq during an interval workout.  Wattage is much higher inside because it is harder to keep watts high on rolling terrain.  Very tough workout and I need to do lots more.

Monday, May 25th


1 hour run through Edgewood park to West Rock up the road and down the cliff (walking)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting better....

OK So I'm Back...sort of.

Last week was the beginning of feeling better.  I will recap.

Monday:  1 hour run

Tuesday: 1 hour run and 2 hours on the trainer on the TT bike

Wednesday: 1 hour on the trainer and 45 minute run.

Thursday: 1 hour run and then poor Bailey hurt his paws on the pavement so the rest of the day I spent taking care of him.  No vet needed, but he got bandaged up good.

Friday: 3 hour ride on the Rev3 course and 30 minute post ride run.

Saturday: 20 minute AM run, 2 hour PM run

Sunday: 3 hour ride on the Rev3 course.

Friday, May 14, 2010


So i'm still sick.  I've taken the full round of antibiotics and I am much better, but my head still feels like it is 50 lbs and my lungs feel like sandpaper, not to mention the overwhelming exhaustion that comes from sleeping all the time. 

Went for a 20 minute ez run yesterday...i'm sore today.
Rode for 60 minutes today and I noticed my carbon race wheel is broken.

Pretty crappy day so far.  At least I have my wife's high school reunion to look forward to tonight...oh wait.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Who wants to be at the awards anyway?

2 weeks

Oh man it has been a while.  I don't know how I had the time to work, train, eat, sleep and log into the computer before.  I don't feel like anything is taking up more time than before, but I am never online.

So I the past 2 weeks I raced my first race of the season.  The St. Croix 70.3. 
The Good:  St. Croix is a great island, my homestay was fantastic and I would love to go back for the race or any excuse I can think of....and I don't really like the Caribbean.
The Bad: The race was the "worst conditions in 23 years"  according to the race director.  Reports of 98 degree weather have been confirmed.
The Ugly: The run took me 2:05. Considering I ran a 1:13 a few weeks ago I can say that is sub-par performance.

After the race I came back really looking to improve my swim.  I called Bill Ball my old swim coach in HS and at UConn to see if I can jump in with the club swim team he is affiliated with.  We shall see....

I am going to do more cycling specific events.  Road races, and group rides I will add to my schedule of bike training, in addition to the Thursday TT efforts

And I offically have Viral Pharyngitis and an Upper Respiratory Infection  Awesome.  At least it is not Pneumonia.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27th

30 minute run on the trails.

Monday April 26th


Last Week

Monday: 4200 swim
               45 minute run
Tuesday: 2 hour bike
              I think it was a 1 hour run
Wednesday: 2 hour bike
                    1600 swim
Thursday: 2 hour bike repeats up East Rock
                Track workout: 10 x 800
                 2:36, 2:30, 2:30, 2:30, 2:30, 2:30, 2:31, 2:31, 2:31, 2:36.
Friday: 4 hour bike
Saturday:  Felt like crap all day.  Allergies.
Sunday: 1 hour bike indoors with efforts
             30 minute run
             4200 swim
             30 minue run

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've been having a hard time getting the workouts in that I have planned.  Also been having a hard time finding the time to post the workouts.  Always hoping for a better week ahead....

Sunday, April 18th

1500 quick swim
400 free, 300 pull w/paddles, 200 kick, 100 free

5 x 100 @ 1:30

Saturday, April 17th

2 hour run.
First hour felt great.  achey on the second hour.

Friday, April 16th

4400 1:30 minutes

10 x 100 build @ 1:55
10 x 50 build @ :60
10 x 100 fast @ 2:05
10 x 50 fast @ :60
400 free with fins
Cracked at 3000

1.5 hours on the MTB.  Broken soon.

Thursday, April 15th


2.5 hours, on a new saddle, which I hope will solve some new bike problems.
6 x 10 minutes @ between 300-330 watts along Lyons Plains road. 2-3 minutes rest. Good to have a powermeter for outdoor training now.

Wednesday, April 14th


500 free, 400 pull, 300 free, 200 kick, 100 free
200 pull w/paddles fast
100 pull fast
100 fast free fast
200 pull w/paddles fast
Did not look at the clock but got beween 10-20 seconds rest

45 minutes5 miles on the trails
still really sore from Sunday.

30 minute ride w/client at Sherwood Island

Tuesday, April 13th

2.5 hours new bike.  Pretty eazy but still sore from the race on Sunday. 

5.5 miles on the trails, really ez and still sore.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, April 12th

4200 meters (1 hour)

1200 free
1000 pull with paddles
800 free
600 pull
400 free
200 drill/swim

Sunday, April 11th

Stratton-Faxon Danbury 1/2 Marathon.
1.13:20 5th place. 5:35 pace

Did a good 15 minute warm-up.  Ate a ton before the race, was really hungry.  The course was hilly and it was windy in parts.  My goal was 1.15 so I am very pleased with this race.  I will be even happier if I can walk tomorrow.

Then did another 15-20 min slow run with Catherine and Bailey.  Then they dropped me when I started to walk.

Saturday, April 10th

4 hours on the TT bike.  It was really windy and not the best roads for TT-ing.  I need a shorter stem on the bike, but otherwise the position feels good.

30 minutes.  Really ez and slow 30 minute jog with Catherine and Bailey at West Rock

Friday, April 9th

3500 LCM 1 hour

500 free/500pull with paddles
10 x 100
10 x 50
10 x 100
Just an OK swim.  Trying to get my momentum back with the swimming.  Ran out of time to finish the workout.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Random Cannondale Photo

Random photo on the Cannondale website of me sitting second wheel in a Bethel Series crit....I'm the one with the triathlete arms.

Thursday, April 8th

out for 3 hours but there was much tinkering with saddle and bars for the first 1.5 hours.
Finally got it right.  My bars were too low, causing me to be unstable on the saddle.  My sit bones were not supported.  After I got set up I was able to do some sustained efforts on route 17 and 77 east of New Haven.  These are great TT training roads!

35 minutes. 
Got in a 25 minute light tempo effort after warm-up.  Held 5:50 pace, which is only ok, but it feels really relaxed, almost effortless and fun.  I have never experience that while running. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday, April 7th

30 minutes
Early AM run with Catherine and Bailey.  Surprisingly feel recovered from yesterdays track

5000 LONG COURSE METERS (finally)
10 x [200@slow:15/100@slow:45]
800 mix with fins

Tuesday, April 6th

1 mile warm-up
20 x 400 w/100 walk/jog inbetween
came in between 73 and 77 on all of them. I really tried to stay comfortable and relaxed the entire way through.  Very happy with this set.

1.5 hours
another ride tinkering with the fit a little.  This time some more sustained efforts, but my legs are tired from the run.

Tried to get in a good swim but I am beat-up

Monday, April 5th


After 30 minutes of tinkering with fit on the new tri bike I went out for another 1.5 hours tinkering with the fit some more. Mostly soft pedaling, and the Adamo saddle is a no-go.

Sunday, April 4th

20 miles.  The first 4 miles took forever, may 55 minutes. The rest of the run was great coming at around 7:15 pace.  The twisty trails with 3 miles to go were a bad idea.  I felt really good considering it was my longest run ever.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday, April 3rd

2500 (40 minutes)

500 free
1000 pull with paddles
500 free
5x100 free.
all slow, but back in the water again.

45 minutes (5 miles)
really ez with Catherine and Bailey on the West Rock Trails

Friday, April 2nd

1800 (30 minutes)
500 free
400 pull with paddles
300 free
200 pull
200 kick
200 free
Had to pee, got out and never went back. It is hard to get back to swimming after taking time off.

6 hours (100.01 miles)
Rode from New Haven to Quassy.  Did the 56 mile 1/2 Rev course and then back home.  Beautiful day for a ride.

The Quassy rev3 bike course is great, but not a traditional tri TT course.  The terrain dictates the effort, not you.  It will be ez to get over excited in the need to be patient and then punchy at the end.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

2 hour bike.  starting to feel like old self on the bike.  good out of the saddle and better than ever on the flats. still no power data yet.

50 minutes 7 miles.
right leg is feeling tight from the knee down.  not hurt just really tight

Wednesday, March 31st

AM run of 6 miles 45 minutes Very hilly run. I don't feel fast, but strong.

1:40 Went to the end of the bike path and back.  40 minutes big gear low rpm on the flats. 

500yds  yea only 500...I remembered I forgot to do something after warm-up.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 30th

1 hour (8 miles)Had a good run today.  It was sort of a fartlek run.  The pace varied from sub 6 to 10 minute miles.  (I found my Garmin 405)  I feel strong on the run, but not fast.

Nothing else today.  It has been very hard to fit in workouts this past week?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, March 29th

30 minutes with 15 at "tempo" 5:39pace wanted to hold it for 40 minutes but that was not happening today. Then I sat in the sauna for 5 minutes to teach my body how to sweat again.  Getting ready for St. Croix.

Not a good start to a hard 4 week block :(

Weekend March 27th and 28th

Good 2 hour MTB in West Rock.  First real MTB ride of the year.  Some really hard efforts and some nice spinning.  Was good to be back out and the bike position felt good, but may need a setback post to be just right.

20 minute ez run with Catherine and Bailey

RUN: had plans for a 2 hour run but ended up running 20 minutes with Catherine and Bailey

Friday, March 26th

3 hours on the road.  Change the stem/saddle position from yesterday and felt much better.  Leaving it where it is.

1 hour run in West Rock up the hill and down the steep side.  Again, some fast some slow.

Thursday, March 25th

Just under 2 hours on the road bike, not the cross bike anymore.

50 minutes on the trails with Tyler.  Some fast some ez.  First run back

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A few good days off

So I am taking a few days off to rest, recover, de-stress, and get lots of things done that I have been putting off for too long (taxes)  So far it feels pretty good.  I will return to action on Thursday for the hardest 4 week block of training I have ever done.  Fun Stuff!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thursday's Ride Photos

Weekend, March 20-21

2000 (30 minutes)

500 free
5x[4 x 50 build/100 fast]
finally have my 100's under 1:05

Friday, March 19th

4:15 road ride.  Mix of on and off road (again)  Felt a little twinge in my left knee on the way up a steep climb.

20 minute run. It was getting late.

Thursday, March 18th

2:45 bike nice ride all around. Starting to feel a little snap coming back to the legs on the flats and the climbs.

20 minutes ez on the trails. It got late.

Wednesday, March 17th

1 hour spin on the bike really ez on the canal trail.


5000 (1:15)
1000 warm up
8 x [400 free@ threshold/4x 100 pull with paddles]

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"road ride"

This is a shot of Cousin Tyler riding down Paradise Ave, which
according to Mapquest is a paved road. More off road adventures on the road bike!

Tuesday, March 16th

2.5 hours on the road (mostly) Rode through West Rock then Rail Trail and then through East Rock.  Good ride on a nice day.  Getting better at putting power down around the entire pedal stroke.

1 hour run.  Mix of trails and road.  Trying to relax the upper body feels weird but it is getting easier.  Running is become more enjoyable, much less jarring and painful.

RUN #2
20 minute evening run with Catherine and Bailey.  Really nice way to end the day.

The Ides of March

3000(45 minutes)
1000 free
800 pull
700 swim
500 swim

Felt really weird on this swim, sort of disembodied, like I was not really in the pool.  Could not tell if I was swimming fast or not (not)  no feel for the water. Got really cold at out.

1:50  Good run, after the immodium kicked in.  Catherine and I got some mild food poisoning from Indian food, and then I go and eat the leftovers.  Longest run  in maybe, ever.

Weekend March 13th-14th

RUN: 45 minutes on the treamill @ 8.5 mph.  Every 5 minutes I went to 12mph for one minute. Felt like I was getting knocked around by the treadmill?

55-60 minute ez run with Bailey and Catherine

Monday, March 15, 2010

Friday, March 12th

AM steady state run effort.  Took Bailey with me and he was really tired after 30 minutes of fast running.  Stopped a bunch after that so he could keep up.  Total was 1 hour with 45 minute at good fast steady state effort.

1:45 on the trainer as warm up then 3x 20 minutes TT effort w/5 minute ez spin.  Averaged over 330 watts for each 20 minute effort and over 300 watts for the ride, rest included. 

Thursday, March 11th

5000 (1:30)

1000 free
10 x 50 build to fast @ 50
10 x 50 FAST @ 55
10 x 100 build to fast @ 1:45
10 x 100 FAST @ 1:55
1000 swim w/fins and paddles
This was a hard workout! fast swimming with lots of rest really beat me up. much needed

3 hours in eastern CT with Tyler.  One of those rides where you feel good then hit the wall, then feel good, then crack.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Canal Trail

This is an unfinished section of the Canal Trail. Eventually this will
become a paved bike path. I think it is pretty cool as is. And yes we
rode this section on road bikes.

Castle Craig

This is a photo from a ride last week. It is Castle Craig in
Wallingford, CT. Looks like the castle from Super Mario Bros to me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, March 10th

30 minutes ez run
Had the weird low blood sugar thing happen 15 minutes into the run, I had to walk for 20 minutes and then it went away and I finished the run and felt fine.  I think I drink too much coffee, because I had a good breakfast?

5000 (1:15)
1000 warm up
5x200 pull @ 2:45
5x 200 swim @ 2:40
5 x 200 swim @ 2:35
5 x 200 swim @ 2:30

I had to put fins on for the last 2 sets.  After the past 2 days my legs are just dead weight in the water holding me back. 

Tuesday, March 9th

5000 (1:15)

10 x 500
1 swim
2 pull
3-10 @ 6:40 interval
I had between 25 and 5 seconds rest but averaged about 1:17 on them all. 

2 hours.
Did the Canal Trail/West Rock loop.  It is a good ride with a steep climb and some great rollers at the end.  It is a hard ride.

50 minutes in East Rock
Did a bit of everything, fast, slow, up, down.  Still working on my form and making a little bit of progress each time out.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, March 8th

Still looking for a bike and a first race of the season. Any suggestions...

1 hour
Tempo on the track.
1 mile warm-up then
6 miles tempo pace about 5:34 pace average.

Not super happy about this run, I thought I would be faster but it is just a start.
I then took Bailey for a 20 minute cool-down run on the trails in West Rock. He went swimming.
P.S.  I did this run in shorts and a t-shirt!

note to self... do the swim set before the leg and lung burning run workout next week. 
Got in about 1000.  Pool was so cold I did a 400IM to get warm. I think I was still chilled from the run effort.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Did nothing this weekend. Saturday was a planned day off, but Sunday I was still beat. Sort of fell sick like I did last weekend? Light headed, and not so good stomach. Sleep and food will cure. Looking for a good week coming up!

Friday, March 5th

4000 (1 hour)

600 free
400 pull
600 @ threshold
400 ez pull
600 @ threshold
400 ez pull
600 @ threshold
400 ez pull
fell apart on the last 600. Held sub 1:15 on all the rest. Beat from good week.


4 hours outside with Tyler. Really cracked at the end. Legs had one speed...soft.

Thursday, March 4th

Tired today.

2 hours on the trainer as 30 minute warm-up, 30 minutes @ threshold, 5 minutes ez, 20 minutes @ threshold, 5 minutes ez, 10 minutes at threshold, cool-down. Very hard!

EZ 45 minute run/jog/hike with Catherine in and Bailey in West Rock.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday, February 3rd

1 hour
It was an ez ride all in Z2. I think the past 2 days were harder than I thought. I felt better at the end than at the beginning. I love that.

Around 1 hour.
Warm-up then,
5 x 1 mile at 5:30 pace on the treadmill.
This was easier than I thought. Much easier than I remember my first 1 mile efforts last year and 15 seconds per mile faster. Form felt good, like I "took the brakes off"

Great running form clip from BBC with Triathlete Tim Don

This is what I am trying to accomplish with my running form...always a work in progress:)

Tuesday, March 2nd

Got in a nice 2 hour ride outside.  The legs are fatigued from yesterday's run, but not sore.  T and I went up the canal trail and connected it with the back entrance to West Rock, creating what is now my favorite 2 hour loop in the New Haven area.  As it gets warmer the Canal Trail will get crowded with walkers, joggers, etc.  but for now it is all ours.

Got in an ez 30 minute run on the treadmill at 8.5mph.  Still working on my form.

2500 (45 minutes)
The pool has been cold!!
600 free
400 pull
100 kick
100 scull
5 x 100 on 1:20
500 @ 1:15 pace
300 pull ez

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday, MARCH 1st

Hope that we have many more days like this in March,  off to a good start!  50 degrees and sunny!

1:45 run.  Felt really good at 1:00.  Tried to stay loose with the arms, shoulders, and feet.  Longest run since....2008!

2500 (45 minutes)

600 free
400 pull
2x [300 @ 1:15 pace
       50 fast
     200 @ 1:10 pace
       50 fast
     100 @ 1:05
       50 fast]

Pretty much made the first set at the goal times.  Came off it on round number 2 but not by much, 1:15 is so much easier now than it was a few weeks ago.  I will soon be saying that about 1:10:)

Sunday, February 28th

2 hours on the trainer.  Warmed up and then did 1 hour of power climb at 75-80 rpms high watts/low cadence.  Sweated like a faucet.

Tried to go out and get in a good run, pretty much felt like crap.  Think I have a little illness or something.  Catherine was not feeling well.  Very low grade, but effected my weekend.

Saturday, February 27th

30 minutes on the treadmill.
warm-up then 17 minutes at 5:45 pace.  Again this felt worse than I hoped.

1000 free (15 minutes)
Pretty much felt worn-out.  I got it a long warm-up and then out.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, February 26th

4 hours on the trainer.  Got in 3 x 30 minutes at a low (for me) rpm of 75-80 with high watts.  Lungs and HR were comfortable but the legs were killing.

4000 yards (1 hour)
600 free
600 pull
6 x 100 one arm drill
12 x 100 fast @ 1:50
Came in at 1:05-1:10 for all 12.
1000 pull with paddles

Thursday, February 25th

OFF!  Felt really good to rest today.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 23rd

This has been an EZ day in my schedule so far this year. I am going to switch that up. Monday and Thursday will be EZ/off, Sunday will be long run, the rest will be hard.

2 hours on the trainer. I have a serious leg strength discrepancy. My left leg needs work so I did 1 minute of left leg only every 10 minutes. It was really hard!

4000 (1 hour)
1000 free
1000 pull w/paddles
10x 100 build to fast on each 100
10x 100 mix of head up drill, one-arm, and sculling.

30 minutes
My stomach was all f'd up? I did 15 minutes, waited for it to settle and then did 15 more.

Tuesday, February 23rd

2 hours on the trainer inside. This was the first ride in a while so I just tried to keep the pedals moving.

1:15 run. Felt sooo much better than yesterday. This was done on the treadmill at 8.5mph (7:05) the last 15 minutes I moved it up to 10.5 mph (5:46) I will admit the last 4 minutes we not as fun as I hoped;)


4000 yards (1 hour)

First swim in a while so I wanted to get the distance in.
1000pull w/paddles
1000 free
10 x 100 pull w/no paddles

Monday, February 22nd

1 hour run. I felt pretty beat up from taking time off. My legs and lungs felt too labored for the effort.

I'm Back

There have not been any updates since LAST Tuesday! What is going on? Well TARGETRAINING conducted the vo2 tests for the Timex Multisport Team at the NY Giants/Timex High Performance Center in New Jersey. On Wednesday and Thursday I was preparing for the event. The event itself was on Friday and Saturday (which was awesome) Then Sunday I was BEAT! Pretty much slept all day. So starting Monday I was able to get back on track for the last big week of February.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tuesday, February 16th

RIDE: 2hours
I did 2 hours on the trainer. I built into each hour increasing the wattage to a mid z3 effort by the end.

30 minutes. The PWG will not let you on the treadmills for more than 30 minutes. Did the last 10 at 5:45 light tempo pace.

3200 1 hour

This was to be an ez swim b/c yesterday was hard.
It is friday now, my brain is fried from work, I dont remember what I did, but it was 3200 and my shoulders were sore.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, February 15th

1:05 run. After day off yesterday my legs felt fresh. Did not want to push it too hard, so I went hilly and long-ish.

4000 yards (1:20)
600 free
200 kick

500 "indian swim" with 5 swimmers in my lane.

2x [3 x 100 build x 25 @ 1:30]
[300 @ threshold pace]
[600 pull]

200 kick
100 ez.

The 100's and the 300 felt better than any set all season. Came in on 3:35 for both 300's. This was the best swim workout of the year so far.

Sunday, February 14th

Day off in celebration of Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13th

3 hours on the trainer. Pushed some good wattage the last hour. Watched most of season 1 of lost. Which is still the best season of them all...I could go on, but this is the Training Blog and not the Lost blog.

-namaste and good luck

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can't wait for Summer!!!

This is where TARGETRAINING swims during the summer.  It looks warm and nice in Connecticut in this video.  Only 6 more months.....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday, February 12th

5000 yards (1.5 hours)
Wanted to go long and ez.
800pull w/paddles/ 200kick
6.5 x 200 @ 3 minutes.  Left shoulder started to hurt so I stopped halfway through #7 to kick
200 kick
5 x 100 just swam ez to see how my shoulder felt.  Felt fine
200 kick
10 x 50@ :45
200 kick
100 ez

45 minutes.  Calves are sore from stupid running yesterday.  Played around with drills/form again and think it is a little better now.

Thursday, February 11th

Rode indoors for 2 hours.  Tried to mimic a course ride with variable efforts and cadence.  Felt tough on the legs, the resistance may have been off.

1 hour.  Went for 30 minutes, and played with running form.  Then went out a few minutes later because I was feeling OCD and wanted to play with running form some more.  I will be sore!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 11th

Yea...pretty much sat at home and ate all day.

Tuesday, February 9th

4000 (1 hour)
5 x [400 free, 4x 100]
same setup as Monday, but the focus was on the 400's.  Held sub-1:15 for all of them. 
100's were ez pull @ 1:30

Just under 2 hours.  I'll call it 1:50.  Headed out on the Canal Trail and then found a nice hill on the way home.  Did some sustained hard pulls on the flats on the way home.  Good ride.

RUN:  30 minutes on the treadmill at PWG.  Did 2 x 1 mile @ 5:45 pace.  Form felt funny for the entire run? 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, February 8th

Only 2500 yards. (40 minutes)
3x[400 free/4 x 100 build x 25]
100 ez

The last 100 I did just fast, not build, and came in at 1:05.  That is the fastest I have been so far this year!...but still a long way to go. Exitied to swim tomorrow.

The Winter Training Bike

Here are a few shots of the Winter Training Bike I have been using on all my indoor and outdoor rides. I built it up to be nice enough to handle the miles, but not too nice considering the salt, sand, ice, and winter wetness found in Connecticut.
* I am not sponsored by any of the companies listed

Frame and Fork: Redline Conquest Aluminium Cyclocross. Size 56 (CX bikes run one size large)
Tires: Michelin Pro Race 25c  
Wheels: Shimano/Mavic/DT swiss
Brakes:  OLD Shimano XT
Shifters/Derailleurs: SRAM Rival
Crank: Bontranger Race X lite
Rings: FSA 39/44
Bars/Post/Stem: Ritchey
Pedals: Crank Bros
Rear Fender: Headland

Sunday February, 7th

Long(ish) run.  1.5 hours.   Did the first 45 minutes with Catherine and Bailey at a pretty ez pace and then ran the roads back home at normal long run pace.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Haunted Pleasure Beach

Notice the two towers way behind the phone booth?  They are from the postcard above!

Friday, February 5th

1 hour.  Same run in West Rock with Bailey.  Up to the top of the paved road and back.

4 hours ride time to Pleasure Beach and back.  Good ride, 1 flat tire, bonked and then recovered.  Put in some good efforts on the way home.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday, February 4th

2.5 hours outside in and around New Haven/East Haven with T.  The ride was "playful" with some solid leg burning above-threshold climbs and flats, but also some stoplight sprints and exploring gravel and snowy roads/trails. (yes this was done on a road bike)

45 minutes around the 'hood.  Finished with the first real tempo effort of the year, 6 minutes.  My running form improves as I go faster...I like that.

*note it was 35 degrees and windy on the bike but we were totally comfortable. Getting used to winter!

Wednesday February 4th

60 minute run in the AM with Bailey.  We went up the paved road in West Rock and back.  Had the weird dizzy, dehydrated, bonking feeling from minute 20-25, then it went away and run was good.

5400 (1.5 hours)

600free,200pull,200kick,200 build
3x [500free @ threshold 6:15 pace, 500 pull w/paddles]
200 kick
1000pull no paddles, left side(bad side) only breathing

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, January 2nd

2 hours on the Canal Trail with T.  As we went North the paved trail became covered with an icy layer of snow.  Pretty fun to ride on the snow on road tires!!  Here is a video...

2400  (45 minutes)
800 free

5 x 200 @ 3:30  Lots of rest. Averaged 2:25-2:30.  In 3 weeks I will be doing the 200's on 2:30 interval
200 kick
200 pull w/paddles.
Arms/lats were sore from yesterday's swim.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, February 1st

30 minutes on the trainer.  I was 30 minutes into the ride and lost all resistance from the trainer.  Looks like I killed it.  Cycleops has a lifetime warranty so I will send it back.  So for now it is outside only!

After the trainer broke I got in 30 minutes on the treadmill at PWG.  I did a 1 minute tempo interval of 5:45 pace every 5 minutes.

(2250) 45 minutes
Not a huge workout, but it is good to back after last weeks 20 minute session.  I felt good on the first lactate set of the season.  5 x 100 @ 2 min.  Came in under 1:10 on all, but closer to 1:10 than 1:05. 

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 4 in Review

Man I wish this past week could just start over.  I did not get in half the workouts I had planned.  Though some coaches plan two weeks "on," and one week "off," when it is not planned it feels like two steps forward, one step back.  Better luck next week.  The five day forcast is "sunny in the upper 30's"  So things are looking better than last week already:)

Weekly Totals
Swim: 0:20
Bike:  5:50
Run:   2:30

Sunday, January 31st

About and hour run with Catherine and Bailey in Steep Rock Park in Washington, CT.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 30th

2 hours on the trainer with T watching The Big Lebowski Great movie to watch for a 2 hour ride because the running time is 1:58. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28th

1:20 on the trainer.  Pushed some bigger gears today and it felt really hard, harder than it should.  When I took my bike off the trainer I realized I had a flat tire.  That could explain...

1500 yards (20 minutes)

The pool was really cold and I am a wuss.

Better day tomorrow....

Wednesday, January 27th

This is an EZ day.  Even though this week has been EZ so far, I keep this as the EZ day. 

30 minutes on the trails with Bailey

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuesday, January 26th

View from the top of East Rock in New Haven.  You can see Long Island across the Sound.

2.5 hours on the Farmington Canal Trail and East Rock Park.

1 hour run. The last 15 minutes were at light tempo/low z3 pace. 

Monday, January 25th

Pretty much sat around in my pajamas and did not train today...oh well.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 3 in Review

Fitness is coming around in all 3 events pretty evenly, which is nice for a change.  I started to pay more attention to the clock on the swim, did some paceline work on the bike, and ran all 7 days.  Looking to hit 20 hours next week.

SWIM: 14,500 yards (3:45)
BIKE:   8:05
RUN: 5:20
TOTAL: 17:10

Sunday, January 24th

1:15 started off with 45 min ez on the trails and then took the paved road home for a total of 1:15.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday, January 23rd

45 minute run on the trails of West Rock. Nice day for a run.  10th day of consecutive running.

5500 yards (1.5 hours)
800 free 200 kick
500free, 5x100@1:30
500free, 5x100@1:25
500pull w/paddles, 5x100@1:20
500pull w/paddles, 5x100@1:15 (fins)
500 ez....pool closed.  wanted to get in another 500

Waterfall Week Continues

We came across this one in Devil's Hopyard State Park in East Haddam, CT.

Friday January 22nd

3:15 on the roads of eastern CT with T.  Good ride, felt a little weak before refueling at coffee shop. I've come a long way in week, but have a long way to go.

light 30 minutes on the treadmill at PWG @ 7.5 mph.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday January 21st

2:20 coastal route ride, same route as Tuesday, but faster and felt like I had some life in my legs.

50 minute run, mostly sidewalk around the neighborhood. 

3000 yards (45 minutes)
800 free 200 kick
300 (leg cramps)
3 x 100 pull
500 swim with paddles

I with some fast former college swimmers today.  It is a good group and we may do some more workouts together.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday January 20th

EZ day
35 minutes up the paved road in West Rock.
I found this cool waterfall too.
New Haven is full of surprises!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday January 19th

2.5 hours of flat coastal route to Stony Creek and back. The legs felt much better than Friday.

55 minutes, this was done an hour after the bike

4000 yards (1hour)
800 free, 200 kick
800 pull w/paddles, 200 kick
10 x 200 @ 2:50 all free some pull w/no paddles.

Monday January 18th

30 minutes on the flat West Rock trails.  Getting muddy with the snow melt.

2000 yards (30 minutes)
800 free 200 kick
5 x 200 @ 3:00
Stroke is feeling better and I can maintain low stroke count while upping effort

Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2 in Review

4 hours and 15,000yards
4.5 hours
4 hours

The swim and the run is coming around and are about even in how "fit" I feel.  I need to ride more. 
This week I will start to pay more attention to the pace clock at the pool, get more time on the bike, and stay consistant on the run.

Sunday January 17th

5000 yards (1.5hours)

800free 200 kick
3 x [600,300,100] 1st and 3rd round free, 2nd round pull w/paddles
10 x 100 miscellaneous IM, Pull, Scull, Free, Drill, Swim

1 hour+
Started off on the trails with Catherine and Bailey and then ran home from West Rock for another 30 minutes.  Starting to feel like good form is easier to accomplish.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday January 16th

EZ Day

40 minute run on the trails of West Rock with Catherine and Bailey.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.  Felt like Spring.

Rev3 Preview Ride

Inclement weather?? Fire up the Monster Roller Coaster, it's 39

Friday January 15th

30 minutes at West Rock with Bailey, nice ez run after good strong run yesterday.

3 hours on the Rev3 Course with cousin Tyler Johnson. 50+ miles.  The course is pretty hard when you are in shape, and really hard when you are out of shape.  I thought it would be much easier than it was but I am glad we got out there.

4000 yards (1 hour) 

800free,600pull w/paddles, 400free, 200 pull w/paddles
200free, 400pull w/paddes, 600 free, 800 swim w/fins and paddles
Felt like I could push the pace during the second half of the 600 free.  This is a good sign

Thursday January 14th

55 minutes.  Around Lake Waramaug in Washington, CT.  This is about 8 miles, very flat and very pretty.  It is nice to do workouts in a place you know so well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday January 13th

Eazy Day

2000 yards

500 free
500 pull w/paddles
8 x 100 odds kick / even pull
200 free
Today was a short day, but I felt that my stroke "came around" for the first time in a long time.  I got my stroke count back down to 13 per 25 which is 2-3 fewer than it was last week.  It still feels difficult but I am starting to feel like a swimmer again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday January 12th

1.5 hours on the trainer.  Just tried to keep pressure on the pedals the entire time.  95rpm at low to mid Z2. 

55 minutes.  Did the Westville neighborhood run, around Southern CT  and back.  Tried to keep cadence high and form tight.  Felt better than last Tuesday.

4000 yards (1 hour)
4 x 400 odds free, evens pull w/paddles
4 x 300 odds free, evens pull w/paddles
4 x 200 odds free, evens alternate 50free/50kick
4 x100 #1 fast, #2 scull, #3 free, #4 cooldown

I only looked at the clock for one of the 100's.  Came in on 1:10.  Still slow, but better progress than in previous seasons.

Week 1 in Review

The week started out great.  My new work schedule is allowing me to get in more workouts with less stress.  I missed several workouts due to puppysitting at the end of the week....don't ask.  I did hit my swim goal of 16,000 yards!  That could be the most weekly yardage in several years, maybe even since 2003.  It's hard to believe I used to do 16k in one day! 


SWIM 4.25 hours (16000yards)
BIKE 2 hours
RUN 3 hours

Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday and Sunday January 9th and 10th

I did not do enough here to warrant a post for each day.

30+ minute run on the West Rock trail in the snow with the dog.

30+ minute run on the West Rock trail in the snow with the dog.

Friday January 8th

4700 yds (1:15)

600free, 600pull w/paddles
500free, 500pull w/paddles
400free, 400pull w/paddles
2 x [150free/50kick/150free]
2 x [100 one-arm drill/50free/100 one-arm drill]
2 x [50kick/50free/50kick]
2 x [50 front scull]
100 ez

Thursday January 7th

1 hour (4000yards)

I am writing this a few days after I did the workout.  I have no idea what I did.  But I know it totaled 4k.  I remember feeling less worse than than on Monday and Tuesday.  The pool was back to usual temperature

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday January 6th


35 minute run with Bailey in West Rock.  The run was flat and there was about 2 inches of snow on the ground.  It felt like running in sand. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday January 5th

55 minutes outside in the cold around town. Mix of road and sidewalk. Legs felt heavy.

60 minutes on the trainer.  4 x 10 minutes high rpm (100+)  felt better than yesterday.

3300 yds (1 hour)

1000pull w/paddles
13 x 100 did not look at the clock.

I planned on doing 4k but the pool was so COLD.  It sucks that in this cold weather my indoor workout was cut short due to temperature.  I will bring the speedsuit next time for the extra warmth.  My arms and shoulders are crushed from the first 2 days back swimming.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday January 4th

1 hour on the trainer w/ 3 x 10 minute high rpm (95+)

30 minutes on the treadmill before swim @ 8.3  1%

4000yds (1 hour)

1300 free
1200 pull w/paddles
3 x 500 #1&2 free #3 free with fins

First swim in 2 months.  Did not look at the pace clock.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday January 3rd

1 hour ride in the AM on the trainer.  All mid-Z2

PM run of 45 minutes on the treadmill @ 1% 8.3mph

run was followed by 10 minutes of stretching and icing

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday January 2nd

30 minute run in AM with Catherine and Bailey.  Ran up the paved road at West Rock Park   The road was slippery and slow on the way down.

60 minute ride in PM.  This was done on the trainer at low to mid Z2.

15 minutes of stretching and icing (PF is trying to take hold)

Friday, January 1, 2010

January First, Two-Thousand and Ten

Today is the first day of 2010. Since this a training log I will not be getting all sentimental or political about  the past decade, nor will I wax on with hopeful thoughts and wishes for the future. 
I will just get down to the business of recording workouts.


30 minutes ez on the trails in the snow with Bailey (dog) and Catherine (wife)